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Life In The 1900s Was Depressing And Was An Era Filled With Extremely

Life in the 1900's was discouraging and was a period loaded up with very hard and strenous work that didn't offer any future for the normal canadian in improving. In the event that you were a normal breadwinner you would be for all intents and purposes stuck in a similar activity for a mind-blowing remainder, while rich kept up their riches basically brought about by the low charges. Day to day environments were poor for normal canadians and far and away more terrible for the showing up foreigners. As of now a portion of the cutting edge convienences were simply being designed and regardless of whether it were available to be purchased just the incredibly rich had the alternative of buying the things. Sports being new, in its part being sorted out was little league contrasted with present day. Voyaging required time and was awkward. Just the rich could have the lavish accomadations for those long excursions. Numerous occupations were accessible to a great many people however you were under consistent investigation while working and would need to do anything the manager needed. I accept my companions and I would doubtlessly loathe and detest it on the off chance that we needed to live in the 1900's. During the 1900's ponies assumed a huge job in the regular daily existence. A pony drawn carriage would bring a docter to the place of where a child would be conceived. A funeral wagon was pulled by ponies to the burial ground when someone passed on. Ranchers utilized them to pull their furrows while town occupants saved them for transportation around town. Ponies puled conveyance wagons for organizations, for example, bread shop, dairy, and coal organization. Ponies got fire motors through the roads in a fire crisis. The bike was generally acknowledged by canadians in light of its simple maintence contrasted with a pony. The bicycle permitted an alternative of transportation. The bike additionally gave a feeling of opportunity to practically anyone ready to learn. Henry Ford altered the world we live in by designing the horseless carriage, in the event that it had not been for him, rather than taking the GO transport in the first part of the day we'd ride a pony named Wanda. Not exclusively did his innovation offer a technique for transportation to people in general, however it assisted with our crisis administrations, for example, fire motors, squad cars, and ambulances. Presently we have a huge assortment of vehicles to browse shifting in size and cost. He additionally carried a huge beneficial industry to North America...The vehicle industry. In those days there weren't numerous issues that they made. Today, we have our weakening ozone layer, toxic synthetic substances that originate from exhaust vapor (CO2)(Carbon Monoxide). Also the car crashes, leaving issues and car influxes in downtown Toronto. 11 years past to WW I Orville and Wilbur Wright made a fruitful trip in the main plane at the sea shore of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. In spite of the fact that the flight just endured 12 seconds it would change the manner in which we see the world. The phone permitted the houseneeds to be fulfilled without leaving they're homes. Ladies got an oppurtunity to fill in as an a switch board administrator. I don't have the foggiest idea whether I can pressure the significance of Marconi's innovation enough. Be that as it may, I can say, that without it not exclusively would there be no T.V. or then again radio there would be a great deal of jobless individuals right now(even more jobless than now!!!). The purpose behind that is radio gives individuals occupations, for example, DJ's, melodic software engineers and so forth. Additionally, radio is a significant type of promoting, without it there would not be the same number of publicizing offices or the same number of positions in this field. Without T.V., publicizing organizations would likewise confront similar outcomes. T.V. furnishes a huge number of individuals with work in ads, T.V. shows, and motion pictures. Baseball was the most well known game in the United States where the World Series started in 1903. Tom Longboat was conceived in Brantford, Ontario and was known for beating a pony over a 19 km coarse. He set a precedent of 2 hours, 24 min and 24 seconds when he ran the Boston Marathon. Jan 22/1901 Queen Victoria passed on at 63 years old years. The Queens rule extended over the globe. With her passing came modernization. In the mid 1900's ponies were being utilized extensivley for all transportating obligations and some difficult work occupations.

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Whats an Arms Length Transaction

Whats an Arm’s Length Transaction In business, many transactions take place every day. As a business owner, the transactions you undertake are always meant to benefit you.If you operate a retail chain, you will have to engage and buy goods from various suppliers.Both you and them will have different terms which need to be acceptable to each other for the business deal to take place.Your business terms may include the freshness and quality of the products supplied. They may also mention things like returns, discounts, quantities, deliveries etc.Your supplier’s terms may talk about your credit period, returns, food storage in your outlets etc.The important things considered by both you and him will form part of the agreement.Why is it so?Because everyone is looking out for his best interests.You want to ensure you get the best deal out of transacting with every supplier. Your supplier on the other hand wants to ensure he gets the best deal out of you as his customer.Transactions based on this kind of a situation are the ones referred to as arm’s length transactions.Therefore, an arm’s length transaction is one in which the transacting parties are unrelated and are working for their own best interests.This however does not mean that you stop thinking of the other party.As a business, your intention should always be to take care of your customers’ interests.And in an arm’s length transaction, you do this while ensuring your business does not suffer.FACTORS DETERMINING AN ARMS LENGTH TRANSACTIONArm’s length transaction are the most common in business setups. But for a transaction to be classified as such, there are two elements which have to be in place. These are:1. The parties must be unrelated â€" since business transactions take different forms, an arm’s length transaction is defined primarily by the kind of relationship between the parties involved.Basically, the only relationship that stands to guarantee such a transaction is one between unrelated persons.Being unrelated provides the perfect environment to ensure everyone acts in their personal interests. For example, a buyer’s bargaining power wants the lowest prices possible. You will pursue this through leveraging whatever strengths you have.On the other hand, a supplier’s bargaining power wants the highest price for his goods. Also, he would prefer that you paid him immediately he delivers. This ensures his cash flow is good in order to facilitate business operations and growth.Even if there are discounts being discussed, the final agreement will certainly be favorable to both you and the supplier.As the supplier thinks about his cash flow, you will also be protecting your own.2. There should be no pressure or duress involved â€" a business transaction should ideally be done out of willingness. This is the philosophy of willing buyer, willing seller which is expected and accepted everywhere. In the absence of willingness, there is coercion at work.Whenever there is coercion involved in a business tr ansaction, the prices are never fair. And if the prices are fair, then something else is wrong.It could be the quality of work or any other aspect of the transaction. The one coercing will benefit at the direct expense of the other.In some instances, this kind of transaction can also be labeled criminal depending on the kind of damages suffered. The transaction agreement can also be canceled under law.Arm’s Length in the Real EstateThe arm’s length philosophy can be applied in every business transaction.The real estate industry is however the one which often sees this at work, especially in regards to public knowledge.This may be because the real estate sector often comes under scrutiny when home sales are done.Every agent wants to sell at the highest price while every buyer, or his negotiator, wants the lowest price. Since there are many other parties who will be involved behind the scenes, care must be taken to ensure the deal is an arm’s length.In a home sale, apart from th e actual buyer and seller, other parties involved include the lender and the local government. The lender wants to be sure that the mortgage is the right value and has been given to a legitimate customer.Local governments want to ensure that the price is right for the purposes of tax collection.The lender is also interested in the deal as he will be filing for taxes based on the amount given.In the unfortunate event that the transaction proves to have been a fraud, the lender will be counting losses. ARM’S LENGTH VS. ARM-IN-ARM TRANSACTIONSAs you would expect, not all business transactions are arm’s length.Even if these are the type preferred, some transactions simply cannot be arm’s length.Such are those between relatives. It could be a transaction between a father and son, aunt and nephew, grandpa and daughter etc.A transaction of this kind is called arm-in-arm.This is symbolic of the close relationship between the parties involved.In essence, an arm-in-arm transaction is no thing but the opposite of an arm’s length transaction. Whereas an   arm’s length transaction works with unrelated parties, an arm-in-arm transaction happens between related parties.This means that the scales will likely be tipped in favor of one party. This however, in most cases, will not be out of criminal intent.The love in the relationship will make this transaction more of a case of giving out of goodwill.Tax Considerations in Arm-in-Arm TransactionsWhenever money changes hands, there is bound to be a tax obligation.Since both parties involved in an arm’s length will be paying taxes, it is important to ensure the transaction paints the correct picture of the nature of the deal.In some cases, arm-in-arm deals may be attempted to be passed as arm’s length transactions.This may be taken to be criminal by the authorities. In an arm-in-arm deal, you may be required to pay taxes of an amount similar to what you would have made had you transacted with a stranger.To avoid penal ties from the IRS, you will have to put in efforts to guarantee an arm’s length transaction.How do you avoid these issues in a family transaction?This is discussed further down in the article. Read about it in the section about arm’s length transactions in a family business.Business Deals Between SubsidiariesThe tax situation in different business entities differ. The normal buyer/seller situation may not necessarily be realistic in subsidiaries.This is because they all have a similar interest: the growth of the conglomerate.What happens when a subsidiary wants to do business with another subsidiary in the same conglomerate?This is the kind of situation family members find themselves in.As much as the individual companies are interested in the best outcome for the other party, they cannot afford to transact in methods contrary to arm’s length.This becomes more necessary when the companies are operating in different countries. This is a common situation in conglomerates as they are often multi-national.But it is not just the business that is involved in cross-country business relations. The country of operation is involved too.The tax agencies in those countries have to collect tax on the business dealings entered into by the companies operating within their jurisdictions.This is why implementing an arm’s length policy between subsidiaries is important.Without it, the companies may be accused of using tactics meant to facilitate tax evasion.This can be a very costly problem for the company to deal with. If such allegations are confirmed, huge penalties will follow.The business might even be required to shut down.LENDERS AND ARM’S LENGTH TRANSACTIONSAs noted, the real estate sector is the one which receives most attention when it comes to arm’s length transactions.As we have seen, a home purchase rarely involves only the seller and buyer.Of the involved parties, one stands to lose a lot if the transaction is not an arm’s length. This party is the l ender.When banks issue mortgages, they expect the recipients to swear nothing but the truth. This helps them make the right decision in terms of the amount of money to be given, the terms and the taxes payable.Banks have been the victims of fraud in many instances as people collude to make away with lots of money at the bank’s expense.To prevent this, banks put in measures to safeguard themselves. There are two main benefits for the bank when the deal is an arm’s length.1. Lower fraud risk caused by collusion â€" there have been reported instances of bank fraud when employees collude with people on the outside to commit crime. These crimes range from robbery of customers when leaving the bank after a big withdrawal to credit card fraud.Where fraud exists, money is lost. When money is lost, profits reduce. And when profits reduce too much, losses may follow. If losses are experienced, investor confidence wanes.No business will wants this as part of their story.In the real estate scenario, a collusion may happen between a bank employee and an agent purporting to sell a home.The agent may overvalue the property and advise the potential buyer to take the mortgage plan available from bank X.The mortgage officer will approve the application and once the seller has the payment, he disappears. The buyer has no home to move into and the one who received the payment is nowhere to be found.Upon doing an independent probe into the agreement, the bank finds out that the indicated location cannot even have a home of the value stated.But because the buyer wasn’t knowledgeable enough, he got duped. And because there was collusion, the bank also suffered.2. Increased transparency â€" arm’s length transactions are characterized by transparency. Since no-one is trying to hide anything as it often happens in arm-in-arm transaction, the bank can easily determine the amount of money to provide as a loan.This is good for the bank as it provides them with security for their b usiness.Banks need to be sure of who they are dealing with. When there is more transparency, the bank is also assured of their projected earnings. They know that out of the money lent, they will be making a profit.In transactions between relatives, banks will typically be more keen to ensure all is well.Another important role played by increased transparency is protection against money laundering. In the money laundering world, criminals seek to transact through banks so as to “clean up” the money. When the industry regulator finds out that a certain bank has been used in such a way, the bank will have some questions to answer.More than that, news about a bank’s involvement in money laundering paints the bank in bad light.Determining Fair Market ValueTransactions labeled arm’s length have one characteristic: they aim at sealing the deal based on the fair market value of the product being sold.How do you know whether your transaction is in line with the fair market value?Fair market value is determined by the process the transacting parties go through. Assuming that a factor like bargaining power are constant, then the fair market value is simply the amount agreed upon.Another big assumption here is that both parties are able to carry out their own research to find out the prevailing value of the product being sold. If it’s a house, the buyer will not just rely on the information given by the seller.He will check the house out, ask as many questions as possible then do his own personal research.The personal research may include things like visiting the neighborhood to find out home prices.It may also include checking with an independent valuer to know the average price to be paid for the home.If these factors stand uncompromised, then automatically, the price agreed upon by the seller and buyer will be a true fair market value.ARM’S LENGTH IN FAMILY BUSINESSFamily businesses are unique in many ways. Some of the challenges facing them are also unique .This is why not many manage to break through and make it as big as other businesses.Still, there are a few family businesses which have succeeded and become big.When it comes to transacting between family-owned businesses, e.g. one owned by parents and another owned by the children, it takes more effort to guarantee an arm’s length environment.The same applies to transactions which may not necessarily be about business.For example, your dad could offer to sell you his car. Keep in mind that there are taxes involved and the best thing would be to avoid unnecessary scrutiny from the IRS.To stay on top of things, the below are the steps to take.Get an Independent Appraisal of the Property/ProductYour dad could tell you that his car’s value is $8,000. Whether true or not, an arm’s length transaction can only be proven by having an independent person carrying out the appraisal.The appraisal will provide all the information needed for the transaction.With an independent appraisal, there is still a challenge to be overcome. This is the challenge of sticking with the appraisal.A common problem which occurs in family transactions is the tendency to put the appraisal aside and proceed in their own terms.When getting an independent assessment of the car to be purchased, you are safeguarding yourself. An outsider doing the assessment will be objective and fair, not leaning towards either side.If ever called upon to shine light in the situation, you would be able to prove that the value stated was determined by an independent expert.In getting an independent appraisal, ensure you stick to it.Hire Independent NegotiatorsGetting an independent appraisal is not the only things to be done. You should also hire negotiators and give them all the necessary information they may need so as to push for the best deal.In the example of your dad’s car, he should get a negotiator as you do the same. These negotiators are the ones to carry out the sale if they both agree with th e terms set forth.If you two are to be in the presence of the negotiators, it would be good to keep silent and only listen.You can add a comment as the negotiations take place but do not engage with your dad on the sides about the deal which is yet to be finalized.Have the Purchase/Sale Agreement in WritingAfter all the work involved in ensuring you perform an arm’s length transaction, keep the records of the deal in writing.   Do not make decisions using verbal agreements. Keep all the receipts, delivery notes, appraisal and any other related document. Both parties should have their own copies of these.Having everything in writing indicates truth and finality. This is why most businesses will never engage without some form of documentation.One simple but powerful enough form of documentation is emails. If you have had some business communication via email, ensure these are preserved.In today’s technology-driven world, you could also back them up in the cloud and only access the m if needed.Provide Independent Verification that the Transaction is Arm’s LengthIt can be a good idea to have a witness to the transaction who will attest to the fact that the transaction was arm’s length.This witness may be what you will need to prove to the authorities that the transaction was above board.When doing this, make sure you choose the right person for the role.A transaction   witness should never be your relative. A relative cannot be a trusted witness since he is inclined to speak in favor of the transaction.Write an AffidavitThe last thing you can consider doing is writing an affidavit.An affidavit is a document written to swear the truth about something. It is often written and commissioned by an attorney.This may cost you some money depending on how much the attorney will charge.The cost aside, an affidavit is a document which can be admitted in a court of law. Just note that you should never lie in an affidavit.Doing so is considered criminal as you are basic ally bearing false witness, even in a court of law.CONCLUSIONWhenever you have some transactions to carry out, ensure you make it arm’s length.Not only will you enjoy better prices or whatever other benefit you stand to gain, but will also avoid investigations by the IRS.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea ( Osa ) - 1602 Words

ABSTRACT: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an ever-increasing problem affecting millions of people in the United States. The prevalence of OSA has risen drastically over the past few decades concurrently with the increasing prevalence of obesity. Subsequently, there has been an ever-increasing rise in the use of CPAP. While there are many adverse effects to the use of CPAP, the majority are described as being relatively benign. Here we discuss a case of significant sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) in relation to a suspected perilymphatic from traumatic barotrauma resulting from excessive self-titration of CPAP in an in-home setting. INTRODUCTION: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common, yet under recognized condition. It is estimated that some form of OSA affects approximately 17% of the adult population. Over the years, this number has consistently increased possibly secondary to the rising prevalence of obesity in the population [1]. The pathophysiology of OSA is postulated to be related to decreased parasympathetic activity during sleep, leading to decreased muscle tone in the upper airway, which can lead to repetitive collapse of the upper airway, causing the characteristic apneic or hypopneic events that define the diagnosis of OSA [2]. The traditional treatment for patients with OSA is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) [3]. CPAP prevents the collapse of the upper airway by providing continuous positive pressure to the oro- and naso-pharynx.Show MoreRelatedObstructive Sleep Apnea ( Osa ) Essay938 Words   |  4 PagesObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a major health problem, as more than 22 million adults i n the U.S suffer from OSA.1 The prevalence of moderate to severe OSA in older adults aged 65 and over is twice as high as that in middle-aged adults.2 Unfortunately, estimates suggest that 85% of individuals with moderate to severe OSA remain undiagnosed.3 Individuals with untreated moderate to severe OSA are at a greater risk for depression (DEP), mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and dementia compared to individualsRead MoreObstructive Sleep Apnea ( Osa )1220 Words   |  5 Pages Obstructive sleep apnea: Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep–breathing disorder characterized by momentary episodes of either complete breathing cessation for periods of ten seconds or more (apnea) or significant reductions in breathing amplitude (hypopnea) caused by a collapsed or obstructed airway; these two conditions can lead to hypoxemia (low levels of oxygen in blood) and hypercapnia (high levels of carbon dioxide in blood). Patients are categorized as having mild, moderate or severeRead MoreObstructive Sleep Apnea ( Osa )1199 Words   |  5 Pages INTRODUCTION Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a primary sleep disorder caused by repeated partial or complete upper airway collapse despite an ongoing effort to breathe during sleep. It is estimated that 22 millions of Americans suffer from OSA; 80% of men and 93% of women with moderate to severe OSA have not been diagnosed. There is a higher prevalence of moderate to severe OSA in the elderly (aged 65 or older) than in other age groups.[1] In patients with OSA, there are high rates of depressionRead MoreObstructive Sleep Apnea ( Osa )2044 Words   |  9 PagesAlthough obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is known to be a common form of sleep-disordered breathing and increase the overall risk of mortality by one and a half times in serious cases, many patients with OSA remain undiagnosed and unrecognized by healthcare professionals (Stuart et al, 2013). Depending on the source, up to approximately 10% of women and 25% of men have OSA, while the overall prevalence of OSA in the general population is bet ween 3% and 7%. OSA is more common in individuals who areRead MoreOsa Case Study976 Words   |  4 PagesThe consequences of undiagnosed and untreated OSA are medically serious and economically costly. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is considered the gold standard of treatment for OSA along with lifestyle modifications. With CPAP use, patients can reduce their healthcare utilization and save money by reducing the impact of OSA symptoms, comorbidities, and motor vehicle accidents. Direct costs associated with comorbidities include increased medical expenses, emergency room visits, hospitalRead MoreRisk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease957 Words   |  4 Pagesand according to the literature, the numbers of cases are increasing (Martinez-Garcia et al. 2013). As of recent, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been recognized as a risk factor in the development of hypertension according to European and US International guidelines (Pepin et al. 2014). Obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by the collapse of the upper airway during sleep, consequently ending in intermittent asphyxia. Moreover, this disruption increases brain arousal, transient hypoxemiaRead MoreObstructive Sleep Apnea620 Words   |  3 Pages Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is when someone is experiencing episodes of cessation of breaths during sleep because of their upper airway relaxing and obstructing air flow during sleep. The episodes usually last for ten seconds or greater and is usually accompanied with a decreased oxygen saturation. Although the airway is relaxed and obstructing airflow, the body (brain) is still attempting to breathe. When breathing has resumed from its apneic state, there is usually a loud gasping snore and orRead MoreStudy Design And Population Of Pediatric Sleep Centre1676 Words   |  7 PagesMETHODS Study design and population This is a prospective case series study that enrolled 66 children aged 5 − 18 years who were presented with nocturnal enuresis (NE). The study was conducted in two centers; Pediatric Sleep Centre (Rome, Italy) where 28 children enrolled and Alexandria Main University Hospital (Alexandria, Egypt) where 38 children enrolled. All children with evidence of urinary tract infection, urinary tract anatomical abnormalities, associated chromosomal syndromes, intellectualRead MoreObstructive Sleep Apnea At School Aged Children Presented With Nocturnal Enuresis2104 Words   |  9 PagesObstructive sleep apnea in school aged children presented with nocturnal enuresis INTRODUCTION Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is an abnormal breathing pattern during sleep characterized by snoring and increased respiratory effort and with variable severity where obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) constitutes the most severe form of it. Childhood OSA has been accepted recently to be associated with numerous adverse health outcomes, including both cognitive and behavioural deficits. (1)Read MoreResearch Critique, Part 2: Critique of Quantitative Research Article1077 Words   |  5 PagesAugust 26, 2012 Research Critique, Part 2: Critique of Quantitative Research Article The population who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) often experience daytime drowsiness and are at risk for ischemic heart disease, arrhythmias, hypertension, and other vascular related problems (Hsu et al., 2007). There are several treatment options for people with OSA, which are weight loss, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), dental appliances, and surgical procedure. This study evaluates

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Ethical Behavior At Rocky University - 1244 Words

Ethical Behavior at Rocky University Ethical behavior should be expected from college students; however, it is not always present. There is a moral obligation for students, earning a degree, that they are in fact the ones doing the homework and tests. The prevalence of online institutions has helped enable a multitude of working individuals earn a degree. Without the classroom setting, it is arduous for a professor to ensure who is on the other end of the keyboard and monitor. In fact, Gopala, Paswan, and Qin (2015) stated that regarding online classes and degree programs, â€Å"as a component of distant-learning initiatives, have attracted a lot of attention from educational institutions, administrators, policymakers, and society at large. According to results of Pew Research Center 2011 Surveys, about 23 percent of college graduates have taken online courses† (p. 67). Rocky University has conducted a survey asking 90 of its students whether or not he or she may have cheated on any assignments. Rocky University is interested in comparing itself with other Universities as well as setting a benchmark of its own situation. The following will enable the reader to understand just where Rocky stands after the results of the survey are tallied. Overview of the Rocky University Survey The data analyzed herein, were gathered from 90 of Rocky University students. There were 46 female respondents and 44 male respondents. Each was asked a series of three questions: have you ever copiedShow MoreRelatedEthical Behavior Of Business Students At Rocky University Essay1799 Words   |  8 PagesEthical Behaviour of Business Students at Rocky University Introduction Many corporation grow and evolve there has been some ethical issues with regarding to policies and procedures within the company. However, ethical issues are not limited to the corporate world the statics show that the reason behind these unethical behaviours it has been prevalent for some time the unethical behaviour has been ongoing among business students. 86% claimed in 2008 and 2009 students had confessed to cheating asRead MoreEthical Behavior And The Business Community1895 Words   |  8 PagesDuring the 2008 economic crisis there were a lot of questions about ethical behavior in the business community. The result of the behavior led to questions about how and when the practice of unethical behavior began and if it was related to practices students learned while in business school. Rocky University has commissioned a group to review the data provided from an anonymous survey to find if there is a culture and history of cheating in the school of business. â€Å"Business eth ics is the studyRead MoreEthical Decision Making : Ethics982 Words   |  4 PagesEthical Decision-Making Georgeanne M. Battle University of the Rockies Ethical Decision-Making By selecting an ethical dilemma case from our text Corey, Corey, Callanan, (2011), I will discuss how to apply systematic steps toward the resolution of the dilemma. While the case is under review the steps that I would take in making an ethical decision will be explained. Also, how to include the client in making the decision will be studied. I will look at what ways is accounting for the APA EthicsRead Moreethical decision making1211 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Ethical- Decision Making University of the Rockies Mabel Drafton Abstract Countertransference is how therapists distort the way they perceive and react to a client (Corey, Corey, and Callanan, 2011). Therapists are expected to identify and deal with their own reactions with consultation, personal therapy, and supervision that their clients will not be negatively affected by the therapist’s problem. Personal therapy is an effective way for therapistsRead MoreWorldcom Case Study1535 Words   |  7 Pages500- Foundations of Effective Management Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Cheryl Lentz May 15, 2011 WorldCom Case Study: Lack of Leadership, Lack of Ethics A multitude of choices made by executives at WorldCom led to the ultimate demise of the company as it was previously known, the employees and their livelihoods’, and the trust of the American people. In a time when corporations fail to set ethical standards and provide transparency to investors, how do weRead MoreEthics : Ethical And Ethical Dilemmas1473 Words   |  6 Pages Ethics Help the Helper in Ethical Dilemmas Fred L. Slack University of the Rockies Abstract In ethical decision-making, there is an established way to address resolving ethical dilemmas systematically and following established decision-making steps to resolve ethical dilemmas effectively. Applied established ethical-decision making steps along with an understanding of established ethical codes is essential Here we will comprehensively discuss how a professional wouldRead MoreFinancial Reporting Process1272 Words   |  6 Pagesexcelled as a business. However, the company has had difficulty in recent decades with ethical crises and meeting its financial objectives. This has caused some investors to lose faith in the company. Take Warren Buffet for instance, who resigned in 2006 because Coca-Cola has failed in so many years to overcome it challenges and he was one of their strong supporters. Coca-Cola has been accused of unethical behavior and some of the areas would include health concerns, pollution, racial discriminationRead MoreNew Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility3490 Words   |  14 PagesAlthough most of the companies frequently cited as examples of ethical and socially responsible firms are large corporations, it is the social responsibility initiatives of small businesses that often have the greatest impact on local communities and neighborhoods. These businesses create jobs and provide goods and services for customers in smaller markets that larger corporations often are not interested in serving. Moreover, they also contribute money, resources, and volunteer time to local causesRead MoreMoral And Ethical Framework Appraisal2998 Words   |  12 Pages Moral and Ethical Framework Appraisal Georgeanne M. Battle University of the Rockies Moral and Ethical Framework Appraisal It is important to culminate learning that was given during this course, self-appraisal and evaluation. In my final paper, I will discuss an ethical dilemma followed by an appraisal of my moral and ethical framework. It will be divided into two parts, with the first reflecting on an ethical dilemma case that was presented throughout this course. The informationRead Morereflected best self4339 Words   |  18 Pages How to Play to Your Strengths Laura Morgan Roberts (lroberts@ is an assistant professor of organizational behavior at Harvard Business School in Boston. Gretchen Spreitzer (, Jane Dutton (, Robert Quinn ( are professors of management and organization at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Emily Heaphy ( is a PhD candidate in management and organization at the

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Some people believe that it is essential to behave ethically when negotiating; I am apart of this belief. I believe that negotiating ethically will make things easier. It will make the process a win – win for both parties. We will write a custom essay sample on Negotiating Ethics or any similar topic only for you Order Now If both parties are being ethical and honest when negotiating the buyer will be satisfied and the seller will as well. The truth of the matter is no one really expects their opponent to be honest .That being said, no one really goes in a negotiating situating expecting to be ethical. Everyone goes in to this situation with guards up and tactics ready. Although I believe that ethics should be essential when negotiating, I also go in expectant of the opposite. I would love to negotiate with ethics and be honest and fair, but the majority of people are not willing to take this approach so I do not either in most cases.It is hard to be ethical and honest when it comes to negotiating. Not everyone shares the same opinion and views about this issue. Some people feel as though there is no such thing as ethics in negotiating. These type of people go by the motto â€Å"let the best man win†. With the knowledge that not everyone feels the same, no one really negotiates ethically. The p erson who decides to be ethical will lose against the person who is not being ethical. If they negotiated against each other, the non ethical person will be sly and slick and do whatever possible to persuade a win. The ethical person will try negotiating with honesty and integrity but if he does not get on the same level as the other party, he will come out unsatisfied. When negotiating, it is important for both parties to be on the same page. Before you go into a situation of bargaining it would be smart to know who you are negotiating against. Knowing the tactics and style of your opponent will give you a leg up. Investigating the style of negotiating your opponent exudes will let you know what tactics to use. If your opponent is interested in ethical negotiating, you should be also. On the other hand, if your opponent is unethical then you should switch up your methods and play their game. Everybody wants to win and come out happy when negotiating. This is not impossible to achieve by any means. If everyone negotiated with ethics then it would be easy but as long as the negotiators are on the same page, a great conclusion should be met. I think that many things have changed with the times. I can imagine that back in the day things were a lot different. I can envision businessmen negotiating ethically. I can imagine businessmen negotiating a conclusion that both parties would be happy with. I imagine those shaking hands and making a great deal and win – win situation. The times of using ethics and honesty are far and few between so to speak. With new tactics and new expressions, people are in it to win it. In these times, instead of looking out for your neighbor, you look out for yourself. With that being said, when negotiating now days, it is definitely a game of winner takes all, or may the best man win. Even though I believe that negotiating with ethics is the best way to go, there may be some situations that warrant the opposite of my beliefs. There is always an exception to the rule. Aside from being on the same page of your opponent, there may be situations that call for an aggressive manner in negotiating. If a professional is negotiating a law or against a law or the state, when a position of disparity or other unfair circumstances are prevalent, I think that negotiating ethically should be out the window. When it is a situation where there is an unfair position or an unfair advantage on an opposing side than the under dog should negotiate using no holds barred. The negotiating arty in this type of situation should go all in and try their hardest to win as much as possible. These type of extreme situations are the only ones I think that being ethical is not relevant. The fact of the matter is, different people have different views when it comes to negotiating. Some do believe in being ethical and they hold to that standard when practicing the art of negotiating. Others are on the opposite side of the scope, and they believe that the best negotiator should take it home. When negotiating, whether ethically or not, you should always play to your opponent’s standard. I think that in it self is being ethical. If your opponent is someone who is doing things honestly and ethically, then you should return the courtesy and do the same. On the other hand, if you are dealing with someone who is in it to win it, you should play their game and try to be in it to win it as well. How to cite Negotiating Ethics, Papers

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If you could choose three people who have ever lived to join for dinner, whom would you invite and why? A fascinating dinner party bound to be characterized by riveting conversation must Include three awesome historical figures from different epochs who represent great human accomplishments: the pioneering explorer Christopher Columbus, the enduringly popular Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and industrial magnate Henry Ford. These three have influenced my worldview; I draw inspiration for my future from how they conducted their lives.Genoa explorer Christopher Columbus had an audacious vision to sail westward in order to gain access to the riches of the East. He fought for his vision, thereby prevailing upon the Spanish Monarchs for sponsorship. Four voyages to the New World inaugurated for the first time in history continuous European involvement In the Western Hemisphere. Though not a scholarly man, his actions relegated to a by- gone era all those backward theologians still Insisting the Earth was flat. We will write a custom essay sample on People for Dinner or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A bold strategy combined with deft skills Intervened In the arc of history: never again wouldEast and West be separated. W. A. Mozart was a prolific and influential composer. During a career cut short by an untimely death at 35, he prodigiously composed over 600 works in every major genre of the Classical era, many of which remain unrivaled for their lyricism and genius. Haydn said of him, posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years. Indeed, Mozart last year witnessed some of my favorites, including The Magic Flute and his unfinished yet hauntingly beautiful Requiem.Mozart creative productivity awes me: e feverishly composed multiple works concurrently, pressing tirelessly to finish one -?Just so he could begin another. Contrary to popular myth, Mozart did not die In obscurity; editorials from Viennese newspapers lamented his death, and theres some evidence of a public memorial In his honor In Prague attended by thousands. Regardless, admiration for his music has escalated beyond comparison and never waned. Henry Ford was the first to grasp the massive capital pay-offs that could accrue from hospitalized industrial mass production. His business risks were informed, however, by a far more expansive vision of a society in which all people could afford personal autos. Thus he revolutionized industry through his now famous Model T assembly line paradigm, and he shocked the business world with an unprecedented $5/day wage in 1914. Not only did Ford Motor become an industrial powerhouse, an entire era of economic history coined Forbids catapulted the U. S. To global economic preeminence. People for Dinner y moister If you could choose three people who have ever lived to Join for dinner, whom would {oh invite and why? Include three awesome historical figures from different epochs who represent great Reese three have influenced my worldview; I draw inspiration for my future from how anon explorer Christopher Columbus had an audacious vision to sail westward in Nor inaugurated for the first time in history continuous European involvement in gone era all those backward theologians still insisting the Earth was flat.